LOTRO's Little Secrets : The Beauty Of Middle-Earth - Entry 1

Nan Amlug 

Twilight falls behind the mountains. The sky turns to a light, dusky purple littered with tiny silver stars as we stand on the top of a hill in Nan Amlug West in the North Downs. Deep valleys and steep hills are climbing towards the northern mountain ridge and eventually continuing into Nan Amlug East. Small forests cover the valleys but the hilltops lay windswept and bare.The wildlife is rich and will fill any traveler needs.

Situated in northern part of Eriador, east of the Hills of Evendim and north of the Weather Hills, The North Downs are an area of Middle-earth filled with ancient history dating back to the Second Age when Vëantur, The Captain of the King's Ships returns to Middle-earth on board of his vessel called Entulessë which means "Return", this was the first Númenórean ship to venture back to Middle-earth.

Upon hearing that some of their distant kin from Númenor had landed, men living in Eriador petitioned Gil-galad to meet the mariners. Twelve men came and rejoiced to meet the Númenóreans , these men came from about Lake Evendim, the North Downs, and the Weather Hills. In the Third Age The North Downs are mostly uninhabited .

Here you can find a very famous dwarf named Dori, brother of Ori and Nori of the Company of Thorin Oakenshield  - together with the hobbit Bilbo Baggins a company of thirteen dwarves set out from the Shire on the Quest of the Lonely Mountain to reclaim their home in Erebor and a lost treasure stolen by the dragon Smaug. This is the ideal place to stop and think about all the great and small tales and the incredible beauty of Middle-earth. The setting sun has turned the blue sky a brilliant orange, then soft pink and purple merging to pearl - the plum velvet of night has come out of the east, sprinkled with stars.

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