Kia Ora


Kia Ora ! Here and there and back again, it is time to go on  great adventure. In 11 days time I will fly across the world once more  to a land I love and cherish  - the Maori people call it 'Aotearoa' , you call it 'New Zealand' but  I call it 'Middle-earth'. I have hundreds of photographs and memories from my previous trip on the other side of the world, but I am really looking forward to go back  to discover once more how beautiful and unspoiled New Zealand/Middle-earth truly is.This  will be a special adventure I will share with some of my best friends whom will travel with me.

The Shire - Hobbiton Movie Set - New Zealand

As well as my hobbit heart, I left many friends in New Zealand, friends I hope to visit again soon. Nights spent looking at the milky way in the sky . The stars are so clear and bright, you can almost touch them when you are in the mountains. It’s been a long and tiring and stressful year and it’s not over yet. I been thinking between work, home duties, and the little gaming I can afford right now. Thinking about friendship , about getting older, and about my little hobbity cottage that is still not ready  *double sigh*. Sometime I feel like I am trying to grab water with my hands…but it’s flowing gently away,impossible task really.I do I like what I see in that reflection on the water.  Missing New Zealand very much and looking forward to go.

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