LOTRO's Little Secrets : The Halls Of Night

"A single dream is more powerful than a thousand realities."

One of the most 'surreal' places in LOTRO, a place of dreams and nightmares literally, welcome to The Halls of Night, a 3-man, level 40 instance in Fasach-larran in Angmar definitely worth doing if you can. Not much is known about this mysterious place that has been hidden for centuries and discovered by the Hillmen of Angmar. In the nearby town of Aughaire there are rumors this ancient burial site is filled with wealth and riches however markings surrounding the entrance bear an ominous warning; twisted creatures and slumbering warriors at the foot of a powerful sorcerer..." Prepare for a colorful dream

If you dare entering you will find the remains of the tomb's chief occupant still sitting on his throne. Will you be brave enough to talk to him ? Be ready to be transported into a dream, or maybe...a 'nightmare' . The inspiration for The Halls of Night can be traced to Frodo and the hobbits and what happened to them once they leave the safety of Tom Bombabil's house in the Old Forest. After spending a few days as guests, the hobbits take the road again and end up crossing the Burrow-downs - here they are ensnared by a wight in one of the numerous barrows.

The four were separated from one another in a dense fog, and, all captured, ended up in the same barrow. Sam, Pippin and Merry are under a strange spell - the barrow-wights, undead former kings, clothe them in funeral shrouds and bewitch them. Here is Frodo first big challenge on his quest to destroy the One Ring. He and his friends have been buried alive, in a dark tomb, with the living dead. Frodo calls out for help by singing Bombabil's song. Tom, hearing his song, came with haste to the barrow and dispel the evil spirit from the tomb freeing the hobbits. 

So here I was , under a strange spell and wearing a funeral shroud making my way down into the burial 's chambers reliving a 'dream' Frodo and the hobbits had in the Burrow-downs, but here there is no Tom Bombadil coming to the rescue, here I had to fight...Terror , Panic, and Nightmare all alone. When the night is over and the 'Nightmare' is gone you are left with a lovely 'dream'. Often it is said that Angmar is one of the less 'beautiful areas in game, that may be true but, as you can see, there can be 'beauty' even there.

 I had a nightmare...or was that just a 'dream ?

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