LOTRO's Little Secrets : Limlight Glade

Middle-earth is  the most wonderful place filled with  many breathtaking locations many of us visit once in a while. My LOTRO's little secret today  is a place called Limlight Glade, a  small glade tucked away on the northern edge of the Limlight Gorge by The Great River, not very far from the town of Stangard.  Limlight Glade is also called 'Ent-grove'  because of his permanent Ent residents. To reach the beautiful glade you must cross  a fast flowing river by a  tall waterfall.  The Limlaith (Limlight) River flows out from the northern parts of Fangorn Forest  and continues eastwards  to join  The Great River Anduin at the Fields of Celebrant. The River Limlaith  marks the northern border of Rohan.

The name of the river Limlaith probably derives from the words lak meaning 'swift' or laik meaning 'acute', while the element laith derives from the Sindarin word lalaith which means 'laughter'.  A few quests start here and there are also tree deeds that can be obtained by visiting this location. At your arrival you will meet not only with the ancient Ents but also with two elves.  The she-elf Ordhrien is an emissary of Lady Galadriel , sent to talk to the Ents - with her, sitting by an enchanted bubbling pool is Erymeldir, an elf  with an unusual sense of humor as he jest at Ordhrien attempts to rally the Ents in haste - Ents are not famous for their speed in words, thoughts, speech, or action - among other things, Erymeldir is also a healer. So  visit  this wonderful little location ; spend sometime exploring the glade and the waterfall, and relax at the sound of  bubbling water and an array of bird songs in the trees...and while you are in the area don't forget to look for a secret little corner in the Wailing Hills where a small bunny rabbit sits happily on the  head of a bear rug among beautiful flowers ...perfect place for a romantic picnic or a sleepover in the wild.

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