LOTRO- The Ancient Spirits Of The Limlight 's Tale

Limlight Gorge is an area within the Great River region in LOTRO. Caught between the Misty Mountains and the northern reaches of Fangorn Forest, Limlight Gorge is a dangerous and untamed wilderness as we arrive there but it is also a place where the Ents were taught how to speak by the Elves in  times long gone. Ents are among the most ancient people and living creatures still surviving in the Third Age, and it is their tale and that of the Elves that is hidden in the deed chain we can complete in this area...

The Tale of the Firstborn and the Shepherds of the Trees

Once upon at the time of their awakening  Ents could not speak, but the elves taught them that art, and they loved it greatly. The Ents remained in the debt of the Elves of the woods of the great realm of Lothlorien along the tides of time.  In the Third Age amany of the forests that once covered Eriador had been cut down or burned, and the last of the race of the Ents remained mostly hidden in the Entwood, also known as Fangorn.  In time the tale of the Ents  and their friendship with the Elves was lost. Where one stood glorious  Elven towers and buildings, in the place called the Limlight Gorge , only ruins remain. The Elves have retreated into the heart of The Golden Wood, many have already sailed into the West.  Here, among the old Elven ruins six spirits roam every night in starlight. They tell the weary traveler the tale of the Firstborn and the Shepherds of the Trees and of things that came to pass....

Greetings Wanderer... Your bravery does you credit, but this is no place for mortal spirits. Even the Elves come here no longer.Long ago this place lay under the protection of my lady's power, and it was here that the trees were taught to speak.

What is it you seek here? The Lady long ago withdrew her power from this place, leaving us to act as its custodians. I Long to return to the West, but so too does the memory of this land hold me here, till at last all that stood here is no more, and those memories are no longer needed.

Once, two ancient forests came together here, and so the Firstborn and the Shepherds of the Forest communed over the nature of the wold under the tutelage of our mistress. But the Elves left long ago, and the trees speak rarely now, and it has become a lonely, wild place.

I often find myself dancing to the music of the birds and the river , but I do miss the songs of the Firstborn.
Perhaps I wish that they would return some day? Alas, I do not think that likely.

It was long ago that we aided the elves, helped teach them the secrets of the trees, that they might speak with them, and so teach them to speak in turn. But even the trees have now grown old, and most are wild, and few remember any of the words that they learned so long ago.

Here we remain after the forest itself has retreated, with little to remind us of the past save these tumbled remains. Even those shall soon be gone -- and then what shall we remember? I suppose then at last we shall return into the West.

And so this it the tale of how  I became a Chronicler of Twilight in LOTRO and learned of Elves and Ents and of the immense forest that once covered all of Eriador and Calenardhon in the First Age and early Second Age of Middle-earth.