Once Upon A Hobbit - The Hobbit In The Moon

In the second page of Amorey's diary we can find a small entry with her thoughts  about the moon . She has only recently moved  to a lovely little burrow in a quiet village in the Southfarthing called Brightdown - here she spends most her time practicing her harp , painting, and of course, writing in her diary.

 Dear Diary,
Sitting here by my window looking at the full moon, admiring its beauty while I sip on my hot tea. What a busy few days I had, and what  wonderful nights too.  Warms the heart to be among friends and not alone anymore.  I love the beautiful white moon, its light transforms the Shire into a magical silver landscape...see how the moon moves in complete silence , so that a little hobbit can feel her heart beating, her soul singing. 
Oh moon, beautiful white moon. Had an other letter today....a strange one indeed, left it there on my desk for now.  Went down The Green Dragon for a pint and a few songs this evening....so nice to meet up with friends, although my mind did wander off a few times...lately I do find myself daydreaming a great deal, thinking about unspoken words and favorite songs. 
All is so quiet , the hobbits are asleep, I must be the only one still awake but not for long...good night for now. 

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