Once Upon A Hobbit - Down In the Woods

This is entry number one from Amorey Sweetrose-Took's diary as written by her over the course of the last few years. Up to this point I have been using The Laurelin Archives to write and collect Amorey's adventures but for a number of reasons I have decided that I prefer her diary to be  on my blog. So sit back, relax,  make a nice cup and tea and get ready to be transported to the beautiful world of Middle-earth  so once upon a time a hobbit was born on the edge of a great forest in the north of the Shire, and this is where our adventures begins...

Dear Diary,
You look so new and shiny....I am almost scared to start using my quill on you,  I shall be gentle, you have my word. Today down the woods I passed the sunny faces of  celandine and primrose's flowers. The snow drops have almost said their goodbyes , Spring is finally here
Under a tree discarded walnut shells  from a squirrel's party. Lovely to hear  the flutter of wood pigeon wing against  the ivy  and the sweet trill of a robin. Day was  bright. Squinting my eyes up through the branches at the Spring sky I noticed little nests. Birds are busy, very loud going about their business. I love watching them.  
It is  lovey to listen to the sounds of the wood, to absorb a spring morning. The snap of twig, scuff of my feet on branch and soft tickling moss.  The gentle sound of water . The stream  ripples and the sunlight sparkles dancing in the chilled morning light....magic, just magic.
I walked slowly down the Hill, passed Hobbiton where I stopped to buy a new green dress and a new brush for my goat....ooh and found a lovely letter in my mailbox which made me smile.   ~Amorey 


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