LOTRO - To Sing Like A Hobbit

 Can I really do it ?  Can I 'really' sing ?  I am an extremely shy hobbit , always worried about my Overhillish accent, but  I realized that every time I was playing one of my songs in game I was actually singing it  in front of the computer screen , which may sound a bit silly but  music and songs give me so much joy in LOTRO.  I dont think I have a good enough voice, well not as beautiful as the voice of my dear friends Achazia , or skilled like Floradine,  but their friendship and talent are a constant inspiration for me to try 'push' myself a bit further in game, to experiment with  music, and also with my voice. Now I must confess I have not  yet the technical knowledge  on how to use voice/music software, my microphone is  very 'unprofessional' (hobbity)   and  when I did try to sing for the first time I thought I sounded like a out of tune and slightly drunk  hobbit humming a song on his way back from a night in the pub , but it was also  fun to do. 

A little 'hobbity' voice ,  silly accent and all ...I was so worried  and scared,  I  summoned all the family I could gather and made them listen to the song to see their reactions. I clicked 'play' and went to hide under a mushroom ..this is how scared I was. " Is this really you ? " came the question, well of course it is me.   I begged my relatives to be completely honest - I must thank my family for they gave me the courage to 'share' my very fist attempt by uploading the video.  I am not  happy with the result, the vocals are definitely not  as I wanted them to be and I must learn to do better but nevertheless , this is a little milestone in my life in LOTRO as a bard of the Shire, the first time I gave my lovely hobbit a 'real' voice. I am not, nor I will ever be a 'professional' singer, but  it is lovely to be able to  sing some of the songs/lyrics I wrote over the years for real.  

So what I have learned so far, well first of all I learned  that posture is very important when singing, because the voice is part of the  whole body and it's affected by the movement of surrounding muscles. You need to make sure your posture is correct, and that the supporting muscles .Shoulders and neck must be relaxed and warm.  Breathing well will support a voice. Singing when there's no breath left is a common way of tiring your voice. Before singing it is always best to 'warm up'  your voice to avoid straining. Next come the very important time of 'finding your voice' ...and no, it is not good enough to look inside a pocket for that, you must really  search for it.  Be laud, be clear,  make it  'real' .  Practice makes perfect,  I have started this new chapter, got to keep practicing and trying -  a gentle warm-up each day and you'll find your lung strength and capacity will increase.

So sing away little hobbit, songs from the hobbit heart, maybe a bit silly, definitely not perfect, but as long as I am having fun , that is all that matter.  My very fist song is based on The Rose of Mooncoin , a ballad written in the 19th century by a schoolteacher and poet named Watt Murphy who met and  fell in love with a local girl called Elizabeth, also known as Molly. Elizabeth was just 20 years old, and Watt was then 56, but the difference in age was  not a problem for them. Both were intellectuals, and they would often stroll along the banks of the river Suir, composing and reciting poetry. However, Elizabeth's father, who was the local vicar, did not approve of their relationship, and she was sent away to England. Watt was brokenhearted at the loss of his beloved lady, and wrote this song in her memory. I reworked the lyrics to create a song I call 'The Rose Of The Shire' and please,  excuse my accent, I am from Overhill !


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