LOTRO - Dreams Comes True

 Morgayn of Rohan

Summer is always a lazy time of the year - the weather is lovely and warm so I like to spend much time in the garden, just painting or relaxing under my apple tree dreaming of stories and adventures in Middle-earth. So here are some of the latest doodles I made inspired by my characters in LOTRO.  The beautiful lady above is Morgayn, my Lore Master.  Morgayn is a mysterious  woman of Rohan, a healer and  midwife. Very little is known about her past other than she once had a companion, maybe a husband, a rider of Rohan that died in battle.  Morgayn is very wise, she enjoys  the company of some animal companions and her embroidery, her dream is to travel back to her homeland and live there  peacefully for the rest of her life.

Atreio  'Nisimaldar' of Gondor

Atreio is my captain in LOTRO - she is a young woman of Gondor  but she is ( at this point in her life ) unaware of her heritage.  Atreio's birth-name is Nisimaldar ( Fragrant Tree ) . She is the illegitimate daughter of Lailaithel, an orphaned minstrel's daughter who lives in  Minas Tirith. Lailaithel is very poor and play her harp  in taverns to earn a living, She will be eventually seduced by a Dúnedain man and conceive a child . Nisimaldar's birth makes Lailaithel happy once more, and she lavishes attention and care upon her adored child -  Lailaithel  life is  improving, she finds stable employment as a musician and has her beautiful daughter.  Tragedy strikes, however, when travelers kidnap the young baby. The townsfolk come to the conclusion that the travelers have killed the child; the mother flees Minas Tirith in despair, Lailaithel will eventually settle in Rohan,  in the town of Snowbourne  and marry a local baker. Seventeen years later, Nisimaldar (now named Atreio) is living happily amongst the traveler community on the outskirts of Bree. She serves as a public dancer and performer, and is unaware of her Gondorian and Dúnedain heritage until one day....

Pri , daughter of Tyri

This is my beautiful champion in LOTRO, a female dwarf champion called Pri, daughter of Tyri of Erebor. Pri is extremely reserved and secretive by choice and will rarely share details about her life. Honor and loyalty are very important values her father passed down to her. Pri will speak only when directly addressed remembering always her place. She has a strong  affinity for the earth and nearly all that is hidden within it. She is a skilled  smith, and an expert toy and bell maker , just like her father. She is a capable musician and excellent cook. Although a simple crafter by trade, Pri is not afraid of pain or hardship. The few facts known about her are that she hails from Erebor, daughter of Týri , where she was trained  in the art of toy and bell making by her father. Their delightful toys and bells were well renowned  and very sort-after in the city of Dale. Following rumors of war rising from the east and  the arrival in Dale of a strange messenger asking  King Dáin Ironfoot at the gate to the Lonely Mountain for news of 'Hobbits' Tyri grew concerned about the safety of his daughter and a decision was made for her to be sent seek refuge far to the west, at the foot of The Blue Mountains, where Pri was welcomed among the halls of the Durin's folk . Little else is known about Pri, daughter of  Týri of Erebor

Amorey 'Sweetrose' Took of Overhill and 'Pebble'

And a small painting of my beloved hobbit minstrel Amorey. Amorey's life has not been always happy,  there have been tears as well as smiles , of all my characters, she is the one that is really 'me'  because I am  really a hobbit in all but size - she is the little 'Took' that keeps me going and I need her as much as she needs me to come to life.   I was just thinking the other day how much of her life  in Middle-earth reminds me of my own real life - we both had great joy  but also many tears and sadness , we both  loved and lost people we loved. I am a Role Player, but I often explain to people that Amorey is 'real', her  feelings are my own, her  thoughts are mine,  so maybe I am not  a good Role Player, because  with her, I do not 'play a role', I am myself.  Been Amorey can be very intense sometime, but it makes my immersion in this beautiful game complete, it is a dream come true for someone like me that adores Middle-earth.   A friend of mine told me Amorey is very special because she continues to 'grow' , her life evolves like  in the real world - I am not scared to 'live' her life, even though sometime she (we)  may experience pain and hurt. 

So this is LOTRO to me, a dream, a place where I get inspired to create stories and characters with complex lives - A place to relax and play  the game ( I  love adventuring, crafting  and exploring ) , a place to make music and let my creativity  take over,  a place where I found some real-life friends, a place where sometime I  do cry, but also a place where I am very very happy most of the time.  Professor Tolkien once  said  about writing Lord Of The Rings :  "It is written in my life-blood, such as that is, thick or thin; and I can no other."  I will borrow  his words and say about my gaming stories in LOTRO : " They are written and played  in my life-blood , such as that is, thick of thin;  and I can no other."


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