LOTRO - Bag End On The Hill

The first step taken by J.R.R. Tolkien to introduce us to his world, to let us in  Middle-earth – is to welcome us to a Hobbit house of remarkable importance and hobbit culture,  with its multiple meals, pipe-smoking and smoke rings, bright colours, and respectable predictability. So we find ourselves wandering in a cosy and warm Hobbit hole; ‘and that means comfort.’ Eventually Bilbo's home and worldview is invaded by 'outsiders', Gandalf arrives with a bunch of dwarves and his peaceful life is turnd up-side-down. They talk about adventures, gold and a dragon and empty Bilbo's pantries,  no wonder Mr Baggins can barely cope with their company, but in the end something awakes inside his heart and he finds himself dreaming about far away places.

In LOTRO Bag End on The Hill is one of the most important landmarks in the game, in my personal opinion the most important one of all, and it is the very first place I visited  when I started playing the game six years ago. The current owner of Bag End is Mrs Lobelia Sackville-Baggins ,  not the most welcoming of hobbits, but on the payment of two silver spoons,  she may just let you wander inside this amazing hobbit home where  it all began...: 

" In a hole in a ground there lived a hobbit..." 

Bag End is an un-numbered smial built by Bungo Baggins of Hobbiton in the Third Age 2934 as a residence  for himself and his wife Belladonna Took of Tookland. Bungo built the hole in the side of a hill off a path leading from The Hill Road on the north side of Hobbiton. Bag End t sits above its three closest neighbours on Bagshot Row. Bungo and Belladonna  had one child, Bilbo.  Sadly they both died relatively young by Hobbit standards, and so  Bilbo Baggins remained  the sole resident of Bag End as a bachelor. He  eventually added a potato garden to its western slope when Hamfast "Gaffer" Gamgee (father of Samwise Gamgee) , of Number 3, Bagshot Row, became its gardener. Gamgee himself often employed Holman Greenhand who lived in a hut south of The Water - Gaffer Gamgee and Holman Greenhands created the most lovely gardens for Bilbo. The next-door neighbour to Gamgee was Daddy Twofoot of Number 2, a regular at The Ivy Bush Inn of Hobbiton.

Strange visitors at Bag End

At Bag End only the rooms towards the west had windows, which opened on to the garden's grassy slope and meadows and river beyond. Professor Tolkien borrowed "Bag End" from the name of his aunt's farmhouse in the Worcestershire village of Dormston, but the origin of the name 'Bag-End' remain obscure a bit of a mystery. the “Bag”  part may be an Old English personal name maybe, or a forgotten dialect word for an animal perhaps, or to do with the agricultural practice of “bagging”   It’s certainly a very unusual name – unique as far as names go. However, I am sure that Professor Tolkien chooses the name  of Bilbo's home very carefully - after all it is the place where it all start and where it all end - in the first page of The Hobbit, to the last few line to The Lord of the Rings , Bag End takes center stage  - the 'End' is a beginning, the beginning is an 'End'


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