My Heart Speaks Clearly

 The Two Towers movie set - Central Otago, New Zealand 2010

“Let me think!' said Aragorn. 'And now may I make a right choice, and change the evil fate of this unhappy day!' He stood silent for a moment. 'I will follow the Orcs,' he said at last. 'I would have guided Frodo to Mordor and gone with him to the end but if I seek him now in the wilderness, I must abandon the captives to torment and death. My heart speaks clearly at last: the fate of the Bearer is in my hands no longer. The Company has played its part. Yet we that remain cannot forsake our companions while we have strength left. Come! We will go now. Leave all that can be spared behind! We will press on by day and dark!  ( J.R.R. Tolkien - The Two Towers)

Sometime we are lost, and yet as we start to walk away from the  path , a  new path  magically appears in front of us. Sometime we must learn to let go , and pursue something new and different, just like Aragorn does in The Two Towers. The fate of Frodo is no longer in his hands, the Fellowship is broken , but Pippin and Merry are missing and Aragorn is determined to find them.  We need to learn to endure a long search even though we grow weary, sometime.  It is quite remarkable how a 'fictional' world like Middle-earth  and its history can help me navigate the real world, but is is happening  and it is working.  Sometime I feel sad , and when I do  I try to remember  Aragorn and his determination and endurance in the search for the hobbits.  I can be frightened by sadness and its shadow , and I don't like it,  but something is happening within me , and then I remember that life has not forgotten me but it holds me  in its hand and will not let me fall or be killed by orcs . Sadness is a feeling we must learn to embrace because it's  accomplishing something within us, it's showing us the  hidden path we seek.  Frustrating as it may be, I have learned to stop and listen  , and I learned to be patient with life and with people.  Progress on the work on Hobbity Cottage is painfully slow  but little by little one travels far. 

Despite orcs, trolls and goblins however, something very nice happened this week -  The world first publication of a previously unknown work by J.R.R. Tolkien, which tells the extraordinary story of the final days of England’s legendary hero, King Arthur- The Fall Of Arthur is a wondrous poem , very different and unexpected from the Tolkien I know and love, and yet so familiar. It is a wonderful gift from the Professor that fills the reader with joy, just please do not expect to find hobbits.

"The moon was fallen into misty caves,  and quivering cold the keen starlight, wavered wanly in the waiting East failed and faded; the foam upon the shore was glimmering ghostly upon grey shingle, and the roaring sea rising and falling under walls of stone. O! Wondrous night, when shining like the moon, with shroud of pearl, with sails of samite, and the silver stars on her blue banner embroidered white  in glittering gems,  that galleon was thrust on the shadowy seas under shades of night! Earendel goeth on eager quest " ( J.R.R. Tolkien -The Fall Of Arthur)

Lancelot is parting from his lover Guinevere and sets sail, and never returns from the sea just like in the story of Amroth and Nimrodel - maybe Lancelot  has found his way to the magical island of Avalon,  no one knows, but that is a story for an other time.   Friday,  enjoy your weekend, and have a lovely time in Middle-earth.


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