LOTRO - A Hobbit Dream

The feasting people were Wood-elves, of course. These are not wicked folk. If they have a fault it is distrust of strangers. Though their magic was strong, even in those days they were wary. They differed from the High Elves of the West, and were more dangerous and less wise. For most of them (together with their scattered relations in the hills and mountains) were descended  from the ancient tribes that never went to Faerie in the West.  (J.R.R. Tolkien -The Hobbit)  
Here is a new challenge for me  - although I have a good knowledge of all things 'Tolkien' and about Middle-earth and its people and history, I always found the prospect to be an elf very daunting. Maybe it is because I am really a hobbit in all bust size, or perhaps because elves are very complex  beings, but the dream  of been an elf always lingered into my mind. Of all elves of Middle-earth  the Wood-elves are definitely my favorite even though they are not as fair and deep as the High Elves, their role as 'keepers of the trees' and 'protectors of forests' does somehow remind me of  how hobbits live in close harmony with nature and all things natural.

In the Wide Wold the Wood-elves lingered in twilight of the Sun and the Moon, but loved best the stars; and they wandered in the great forests that grew tall in the lands that are now lost. They dwelled often by the edges of the woods, from which they could escape at times to hunt, or to ride over the open lands by moonlight or starlight  (J.R.R. Tolkien -The Hobbit) 

 A hobbit dream

So here is how a hobbit's Elven dream looks like.This is Miluy, a very young Wood-elf  and Amorey's dream.  And a new challenge for me in LOTRO. I never been an elf before, I was always too scared  because Elves are so fair and beautiful , but I already love little Miluy , keeper of trees, and joyful young elf of the woods.
APPERANCE : Miluy shares the same common traits as all Elves with a few notable differences. She has a thin build, upon a small frame, around 5 feet tall. Her face is quite alluring , big and bright green eyes , a tiny nose and rosie cheeks, and a pinky lips curved into a smile.  She wears her curls long -  her  rebellious hair is of the colors of Autumn's leaves. Miluy's skin is tanned and  luminous with a subtle glittering effect, as though she had been lightly sprinkled with fairy dust. Her scent if that the woodland with a hint of mint and Elanor.  Though quite petite she is strong and agile like a wild deer, due to her arduous daily tasks associated with living within a dense forest realm. Upon her brow an elven circlet with a small green jewel, evocative of the forest. Miluy wears comfortable and simple tunics made of natural cloth, wool and hides, in the colors of the woods to remind her of the symbiotic relationship between Wood Elves and the forest flora. When hunting she also wear a very fine  and light chain of armor made of mithril under her shirt.  Miluy speaks Sindarin (with an accent) and  Silvan Elvish dialect, as well as some basic Westron.

BACKGROUND : Very rarely seen in bright light, Miluy loves dawn and dusk, particularly favoring the birdsongs chorus in the tall branches of the trees. Miluy is a 'Keeper of Trees' although it is not all that common, as few elves have the dedication to pursue it. Elven 'Keepers of Trees' are usually (but not always) sedentary, tending to their woodland and glades. In the wood, this means tending to the animals herds and ancient trees. Her role is to  ensure the balance among the forest, its animal population, and its elven inhabitants. Miluy also grow and maintain the Great Trees, gathering seeds and tending seedlings. Miluy tends  a personal herb garden with rare herbs and plants useful for their medicinal and other properties.

Trained as a woodland archer, Miluy also  patrol against incursions into woods by  orcs seeking to destroy the Elves. In Mirkwood and Lothlorien, Wood Elves must cooperate (with difficulty) with the dwarves who watch  and try to regain the ancient halls of Khazad-Dum. Miluy  prefer to live in harmony with animals and therefore avoid domesticating them. As a result, she  seldom ride horses or use guard dogs as humans and other races do. As a Wood Elf, Miluy  share a few things in common with the Halfling race. Perhaps it is something that arises within races that live in harmony with nature. These shared traits are friendliness, conviviality and an eternal devotion to any they befriend. Miluy come from the tree city of Caras Galadhon, a series of platforms or fleets,  built skyward into the awesome beauty of the Great Mallorn trees. Miluy love celebration and song, dedicating her life to the preservation of nature, trees, and animals  of Middle-earth . She has a welcoming and accepting nature has lead her to develop close ties to other races, especially hobbits, men and High-Elves, but not dwavers whom she does not understand.


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