LOTRO - Celebrating Six Years Gandalf's Style

Happy 6th Anniversary LOTRO! Spring is finally here and all over Middle-earth , from Bree to  the Shire, men, dwarves, elves and  hobbits are  celebrating 6 amazing years. Gandalf has arrived and this means 'fireworks'! It is not known when Gandalf first came to the Shire , but he does appear here from time to time and is famous among Hobbits especially for his fireworks.

"The fireworks were by Gandalf: they were not only brought by him, but designed and made by him; and the special effects, set pieces, and flights of rockets were let off by him. But there was also a generous distribution of squibs , crackers, backrappers, sparklers, torches,dwarf-candles, elf-fountains, goblin-barkers, and thunder-claps. They were superb.The art of Gandalf improved with age. There were rockets like a flight of scintillating birds singing with sweet voices. There were green trees with trunks of dark smoke: their leaves opened like a whole spring unfolding in a moment, and their shining branches dropped glowing flowers down upon the astonished hobbits, disappearing with a sweet scent just before they touched their upturned faces. 

There were fountains of butterflies that flew glittering into the trees; there were pillars of coloured fires that rose and turned into eagles, or sailing ships, or a phalanx of flying swans; there was a red thunderstorm and a shower of yellow rain ; there was a forest of silver spears that sprang suddenly into the air with a yell like and embattled army, and came down again into the Water with a hiss like a hundred hot snakes. And there was also one last surprise, in honor of Bilbo, and it startled the hobbits exceedingly , as Gandalf intended. 

The lights went out. A great smoke went up. It shaped itself like a mountain seen in the distance, and began to glow at the summit. It spouted green and scarlet flames. Out flew a red-golden dragon- not life-size, but terribly life-like: fire came from his jaws, his eyes glared down; there was a roar, and he whizzed three times over the heads of the crowd. They all ducked, and many fell flat on their faces. The dragon passed like an express train, turned a somersault, and burst over Bywater with a deafening explosion."   (J.R.R.Tolkien - The Fellowship of the Rings)

The fact that Gandalf is able to make fireworks its a clear reference to his knowledge of alchemy/chemistry as well as magic, which makes his character even more intriguing and interesting . Gandalf is very fond of the hobbits and the Shire, often returning there with a cart full of fireworks. Tonight fireworks will be launched all over Middle-earth in LOTRO to celebrate 6 amazing, wonderful years and I shall be there , launching  a firework and enjoying this game I love so much in my very own 'HOBBITISH' way , full of happiness, music, good food and may the hair on your feet never fall off for six more years and more. 

Hobbit Hug!

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