Giver Of Fruit

 The Giver Of Fruit

Yavanna, Queen of the Earth and Giver of Fruit, spouse of Aulë, also called Kementári. She created the Two Trees, and is responsible for the animals and plants of Middle-earth and Valinor . She is also responsible for the creation of the Ents, as she feared for the safety of the trees once her husband had created the Dwarves. The Two Lamps are created by Aulë at Yavanna's request, and their light germinates the seeds that she had planted. Following the destruction of the Two Lamps by Melkor and the withdrawal of the Valar to Aman, Yavanna sang into being the Two Trees of Valinor,  silver Telperion and golden Laurelin. The two Trees of Valinor  would take turn and give light for seven hours then slowly let the other shine. At 'dusk' and 'dawn' it would be the only times when the two trees would shine together for a few minutes, and golden and silver like two lovers would merge into beautiful white  light.

 Spring in the Shire
It seems Yavanna has been at work in the Shire singing her beautiful songs, Spring has finally arrived, flowers and fruit trees are in blossom,  the animals are waking up from the long winter sleep, the air is warm and sweet, bees are buzzing and the birds are singing . In many ancient cultures tomorrow mark one of the two great “doorways”, tomorrow we shall celebrating the “light” after six months of “dark”. May Day or Beltane  marks the beginning of the new season of plenty when the veil of darkness lifts.  Hobbits are simple creatures that follow the cycle of the  seasons, some of their May Day customs  includes the gathering of wood for a fire that will bring new life to the springtime sun. Lads and lasses  who are  in love,  will passe through the smoke of the fires  for good luck in preparation for the joining and blossoming celebrated during the Summer Solstice in June.  Wishing you a wonderful May  , filled with happiness , music , dances, love, and of course, lots of lovely 'hobbity' food.

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