Fair Shire Wood

As I open my eyes to a glorious spring day , my mind is still lingering in the dream of the Shire I had last night - soft mist covering the rolling hills and the woodland.  The tender blossoms on the trees are full of promise for a beautiful summer to come.  I wrote a new song , a song from the Shire, filled with deep meaning and hope. I am still sad but I try not to let my mind  linger on the reasons of my sadness. Work at Hobbit Cottage will begin soon, but it will take longer than planned because good builders are not easy to find, and when you find one, they are usually very busy, so you must learn to wait. It is good to wait patiently for things, it makes those things even more special when  they are finally there and done.  A rose petal  gently swirling in the warm breeze, that is how I feel today. Trees as far as my eyes can see. Rolling hills and in the distance the high snow covered peaks of the Blue Mountains. The sound of a stream that I follow gets louder until it thunders over a fall into a pristine lake in Overhill. Cool, dark, quiet -- a place of comfort and serenity. The light coming through the trees,  the earthy smell in the air , the quietness of muffled sounds,  moss growing on the trunks of the trees, droplets of water dripping from large leaves, ferns, water trickling through the little creek, bird sounds...fair Shire wood.  Have a lovely 'hobbity' week!

Monday Hobbity Hug

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Great banner, great layout in overall :D Good going!