Bronwe Athan Harthad - Following Frodo

 "Endurance beyond Hope"!
And so there was this little hobbit that absolutely adored his peaceful life, but his fate was somehow different from what he expected. One day he set out to save the Shire, reluctantly at first, but then with great courage...with 'endurance beyond hope, in true hobbit style. 

 Endurance is a beautiful word as well as a great quality however I believe that endurance is only a quality when you also add to it steadfastness , this is indeed a winning combination, and Tolkien knew  that as he was creating Frodo Baggins in his mind and writings. Of all the hobbits of the Shire, Frodo is the one I can relate with  the most, both in my real life and in my virtual life in LOTRO. Frodo is 'deep' and melancholic sometime, yet he can smile and joke with his friends too -- Frodo is the ultimate real hobbit.  He makes a different, he is not scared to be 'different' It is his state of mind, his look on things that makes him so. Fellowship and friendship are essential for Frodo to be able to endure his destiny. Togetherness and closeness, support and unselfishness, that is all that is important between real friends.

Yet there comes a point in Frodo's life when he chose the lonely path, for the sake of something that he personally values and knew was worth fighting for. In fact he had no choice but to  follow his heart and conscience. Some people go through their whole life without listening to their hearts, but I am not one of them for I will always follow what my heart is telling me, even if I cannot see hope. Sometime  we have no choice but to walk alone the path  of our lives, no matter how happy and safe we felt in a fellowship, sometime the lonely road is the only way to go. And yet on Frodo's lonely path there is someone walking beside him,  Sam came to take over at times,  and keeping on the light of hope shine,  ready to pick up his master and friend as he falls, however Frodo’s endurance in  unequalled, indeed beyond hope -- Frodo knows what he must do and why, and takes it on himself to do it.

Yes, just like Frodo I am afraid most of the time, and feel lost and small and unimportant. Frodo needed Sam to continue his task . At the Council of Elrond in  his corner Frodo sits lost in his thoughts, he looks at the others arguing and discussing , one by one, when suddenly he feels his heart filled with fear, he knows already there is something he needs to do, although he had hoped never to hear his voice say such things. He feels so tired, he only wants to rest and sit next to his dear uncle Bilbo in Rivendell, read books, write stories, and then it happen, he hear his voice....

"-I will take the Ring,- he said -though I do not know the way.-"

And so all of his resolve came from the fact that he knows that what matter above all, life and love, for himself, for his friends, and for Middle-earth. The fate of the One Ring is sealed! Frodo is the Ringbearer, he is the one that will take the One Ring of Power into Mount Doom, the future of Middle-earth on the tiny shoulders of a hobbit from the Shire....Bronwe Athan Harthad, is the name Gandalf give to Frodo , "Endurance beyond Hope"!

Following Frodo's Journey in New Zealand

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