Stress, Surveys, And Spring In The Shire

 Hobbiton - New Zealand 2012

Apparently buying a house in the UK is considered more stressful than having a child  or starting a new job, and this week I can confirm   this is absolutely true.  I spent the last few days trying to get some reasonably priced building insurance (which I need to  finally be able to complete the purchase)  but  it has not been easy.  I ended up having to  pay  a structural engineer to come and make sure every brick in the new home is  solid and stable, so that those lovely people at the insurance company have no excuses for charging me a fortune for the luxury of securing my  very own hobbity cottage.  I must admit, I have been  feeling quite disheartened , this whole thing is dragging on and on - I just phoned the engineer to ask him if he could give me an indication of the result of the survey...and of course, he  has taken a day off today *sigh*   Oh well,  I guess it will be next week before I get any kind of feedback ...glad the weekend is here. Yes it is stressful to buy a house, even if it is just  small hobbit cottage. Probably because it is such a big decision I made...I  Just keep telling yourself to breath and stay calm, all will be fine in the end.

 Spring in the Shire

In other news this week, I  decided that it was time to  do something different with my hair, so I  went to see my stylist Kevin  and the result  is that I came out from there with a huge smile on my face and a brand new look , so thank you Kevin  for  brighten up a bit my week.  Oh, and I also applied for a couple of new jobs, just in case.  Although it has been a stressful week  for many reasons, I am still very positive and hopeful everything will be just right. Spring is coming, the air is warmer and  the first snowdrops are blooming in the garden  - next week will be  lovely...hopefully, and in the meantime I wore my new dress today and went  for a drink , like all respectable hobbits should  on a Friday. Have a lovely hobbity weekend!

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