LOTRO - Living A Dream

This week in Middle-earth was full of surprises, both as gaming  and role play are concerned.  I finally decided to start the 'Horsing Around'  and 'Discovering The Descendant' deeds, part of the Legendary edition of the Riders of Rohan expansion, with Amorey . With 60 activities to do,   It will take me a while to finish as I can only complete 2 quests each day. The end reward is nothing special, a fancy title ( which I wont use ) and a cosmetic cloak , but I am enjoying the chance to 'be' a horse in the session play . 

As role play goes, there is really no way to explain this deed other than imagine Amorey is dreaming about been a horse , and a very beautiful one too. Horses are just wonderful animals, grace, beauty, spirit and fire, I personally have a strong connection with them, in game and in real life too, I was born in  a Chinese Year of the Horse . Amorey has a few favorite ponies, and or course, her beautiful black war steed Freo. In raiding a horse you borrow  their freedom and there is nothing more rewarding. When she was not a horse this week, my little hobbit Amorey has been going through some  challenging times in her story, but spring has finally arrived in the Shire, bringing hope for the future.

I did not have a lot of time for gaming , busy in real life  with the purchase of my new home, but I did manage do work a bit on Project Atreio. My beautiful captain is now level 22 . I am enjoying the challenge of a  class I never  played before, and  a brand new story for her. She will soon discover she is  a Dúnedain  and more about Gondor and her life  will change forever. Happy Friday, everyone!

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janitor said...

Whose dreams are you dreaming :-)


Leilani said...

That is a game I will play.

Thanks for sharing