I Made A Promise, Mr. Frodo, A Promise

It is Monday morning, the sun is shining . the promise  of spring is in the air. I Always keep my promises, those I make to myself and those I make to others,  If I am  not sure that  I can keep a promise will not make that promise in the first place.If I make a promise,  I always keep it, no matter what the consequences are. See it is not hard to guess, really , when you make a promise to someone, he or she is giving you his or her trust -  if you don't keep that promise, then you'll violate your friend's trust. Promises are truly binding contracts between friends that ensure that they are there for each other. If you can't keep a promise, then you can't be a good friend.  Promises mean a lot to  me because they suggest appreciation, value and empathy and carry some pleasure in fulfillment. The effect of broken promises is unpleasant resentment, undue anxiety, missed opportunities and a lack of trust in future promises from whom has broken the promise, and a chain of guilt and feelings of incapacity and inadequacy for me.

“I made a promise, Mr Frodo. A promise! 'Don't you leave him Samwise Gamgee.' And I don't mean to! I don't mean to.”

 Sam is very different from Frodo - he is just a simple gardener, a humble hobbit of the Shire, he  works for Frodo and yet they are friends. The deep affection they share is so intense and deep that Sam is ready to make the ultimate sacrifice for his master, he is ready to die for him. Sam always put Frodo's needs ahead of his own. He never leaves his side and risks dying in order to keep it so, forgives and forgets Frodo's mistakes and hurtful words that he does or says because of the  One Ring, and he lays down his life for Frodo -  fighting Shelob in order to protect him . And he carries Frodo when Frodo can't go on as they approach  Mount Doom . "I can't carry it for you but I can carry you!" . Never let a friend fall over a promise you can't keep. You may not notice at first the hurt and damage that caused, but one day you sit alone and suddenly remember that  friend you did not carry, and you feel sad for you realized the pain you may have caused by making promises you could not or would not keep.  Sam's friendship is the only thing that lightens Frodo's natural disposition towards melancholy and sorrow.  So Sam's friendship is the  best weapon against the slow, creeping despair that the One Ring brings to Frodo.

Friendship is a driving theme in Tolkien's stories. Frodo and Sam are not the only 'friends' you can find in Middle-earth - Bilbo and Gandalf are 'old friends' ,  Merry and Pippin are inseparable, Legolas and Gimli will become the most unlikely friends, Samwise considers his pony Bill as a friend, Bilbo and Thorin will become friends. Tolkien is using friendship as a weapon against despair and darkness. The love and affection between friends carries the hope of Middle-earth. Just imagine if Sam had walked away from his promise to always be beside Frodo,  the whole story of Middle-earth would be different. Hope and love are linked to this one promise as well as to the fate of the One Ring . This is why real friends are so important to me and also why , no matter what the consequences are, if I make a promise I will always keep it, for my love and my hope are linked to it. 



janitor said...

But you have to look at the whole picture Lei, Frodo leaves west eventually, and Sam stays in the shire. Frodo doesn't require of Sam that he comes with him, to stay friends. Neither to mount Doom nor west.

You give promises because you want a close relationship to another, that's the same as marriage vows, it doesn't work.
Because it's needing someone to do or be in a specific way. That will allways disappoint you. Another person cannot live up to what you seek, because they are different and of the world.

You wrote it yourself Lei, "Home is where the Heart is", that is the only real safe harbor you have, is your Self. This is why the world has to disappoint you, so that you go back to the eternal Self, that has anything you need.

A good friendship is based on respect.
Respect means, I allow you to be who you chose to be.
I allow you to make your own decisions, whatever they are, even if you leave me.
I might not do what you do, but I let you go your way.
I don't complain, re-act or fight it.

You can have friends and marriage and family and all of it, but if you need it, you bring misery to yourself.
You can have it, but rely on your Self.
"The true companion in life is your Self", remember? :-)
It's not the self you think you are, but the real You that you Are, that doesn't need anything.

The refuge is in your Self, that's where the true Sanctuary Is.

Leilani said...

Thanks Janitor, as always your coment makes me think, which is a good thing :)