GW2 - Cute Little 'Me'

Meet Lulei !

Introducing the latest addition to my long list of  game 'shorties'. Meet Lulei Silvermist, a little cutie, or Asura, as they are call her in GW2. She is tiny and adorable , charming and witty, with her floppy ears and little bow, she is a ranger, always accompanied by a big cat she  calls 'Pebble'  . I have very little knowledge of  GW2's lore so  this is not really a character I can role play with. Sometime it is just good to get away from things and spend an hour or so with Lulei...jumping  on rocks, getting a few quests done, or simply exploring this amazing world. GW2 is pretty,  really looks nice, and I often find myself just wandering  the other day, when I found a secret cave  filled with little bunny rabbits.

This IS my story!

So here  the story of Lulei begins...well  my story, really.  Knowing me  it will take me years to get anywhere near  the end of this game, but really, I am not in any rush to do so..I like  the 'scenic road' rather than the shortcut.

I just sit here for a while

So far spending time with her has been rather enjoyable, and yes, even challenging, but I love the learning curve  in  the game so far ( I never  played GW so this is all new for me ) . Asura are truly a lovely race,  cute little mad scientists  that pursue knowledge  and pure science, brilliant and very self-confident.

Lovely Waterfalls

In many ways I can see Amorey in Lulei, the two characters are different , of course, yet very similar..well they are both 'me'  . Lulei is just more free and relaxed than my wee hobbit I guess, but deep down likes the same waterfalls and exploring adventures., and maybe she will never reach the end of the game but here she is, in all her cuteness...a little Asura called Lulei Silvermist and her cat Nairn, also known  as Pebble


Dinkum Tanglepike said...

She has your ears *grins and ducks*

Leilani said...

*laugh* and my nose too