Monday's Planning

Monday , you are back and I am glad to see you. With the contract for my new house signed, it is finally time to start  some serious planning on how I want my home to look and feel.  Of course, been a hobbit, I am expected to  make it comfortable and cozy, homely and warm, and I will  of course, although I shall also   pay  much attention to  how my home 'feels' as well as 'look'.   Can a home be 'sensual' ?  I think so, yes. I would like people that come in to 'feel' the place with their senses,  touch, smell, sight, sounds, taste. I want my house to speak about me to others...kind, welcoming, peaceful , and of course...different.

Spending time hunting for ideas and inspiration - choosing textures , colors, styles.  I dislike clutter, I know my home will  contain only and just only what I really really need. The easiest way I’ve found to keep out clutter from my life and home is to only have things that follow the  rule of comfort, beauty and practicality. I ask to myself , is it comfortable ? Does its beauty speak to my soul ? Having  little clutter means that it will be easier for me to keep my home clean  but not spotless , just a cozy relaxed place  where you can sit by the wood burning stove with a cup of tea and a muffin, watching The Lord Of The Rings movies while cuddling on the couch under a warm blanket.

 Sounds are important to me. Often  silence and quiet is my favorite 'sound' , however sounds of nature are also very appealing  so my  home's soundtrack will  an alternating mix of rain, wind, thunder, water,  crickets and birds, and the occasional hobbit song, of course, but the most important sounds I want  are laughter and soft whispers. I'm a barefoot kind of girl...well I am a hobbit after all, I like the feeling of  a soft rug over a clean and rustic wooden floor underfoot. I will keep soft throws and pillows all around the home. There is nothing like cuddling up when you watch TV or talk with a friend. Soft  bed linen and fluffy towels in the bathroom.  Lovely smells.

Like most hobbits, I will have an arsenal of candles, little lanterns and incense around my home, ready to light at a moments notice, even in the winter, I will open the house up  for fresh crisp air and  fresh fragrant flowers are great a natural idea too...although nothing can beat the sweet fragrance of a pie or home-made bread baking in the oven.  Following this simple plan should result in a lovely  little hobbit home. Have a  wonderful week !


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