LOTRO - The Atreio Project

Atreio 'Nisimaldar' 

This week gaming has seen me starting a brand new 'project' in LOTRO.  I always found playing a 'tall' character very challenging, I am a hobbit after all, and I like it...but the time has come  for a new project as well as a brand new class I never played before, a captain.  Inspired by one of my characters in SWTOR, I created a young and rather exotic-looking woman from Gondor , wanting her to be a bit different. While I could spend hours working up every aspect of her life and personality, I really only need to know enough to make her believable to me . She is young and unaware of her heritage or  what life is about to bring and, as all my characters, I know she will grow slowly  and that is how I like it.

APPEARANCE : Dark complexion, beautiful pale green-blue eyes, and rosie lips curved in a smile, she keeps her long dark hair pulled back , often lose over her shoulder to reach the waist with a slight curl. Young in age , tall and slender but perfectly formed, she is unaware of the effect she has on those she meets. Part of Atreio's charm is her innocence and her total unawareness of her beauty. Her favorite colors are white, silver, and blue

BACKGROUND : Her birth-name is Nisimaldar (Fragrant Tree) . She is the illegitimate daughter of Lailaithel, nicknamed  'The Flower of Ithilien', an orphaned minstrel's daughter who lives in Minas Tirith, originally from Ithilien. Lailaithel is very poor and play her harp in taverns and fairs to earn a living, She will be eventually seduced by a Dúnedain man and conceive a child. Nisimaldar's birth makes Lailaithel happy once more, and she lavishes attention and care upon her adored child - Lailaithel life is improving, she finds stable employment as a musician and has her beautiful daughter. Tragedy strikes, however, when travellers kidnap the young baby. The townsfolk come to the conclusion that the travellers have killed the child; the mother flees Minas Tirith in despair, Lailaithel will eventually settle in Rohan, in the town of Snowbourne and marry a local baker. Seventeen years later, Nisimaldar —now under  the new name of Atreio — is living happily amongst the travelling community on the outskirts of Bree. She serves as a public dancer and performer, and is unaware of her Gondorian heritage until one day....

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