Hate Is Not Welcome

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One of the downsides to a free and open place like the net is that it so often lacks real consequences that would discourage people from speaking hatefully against others out in the real world. I have no intention of discrediting or downplaying the painful experiences that some men have gone through, however, harassment against female gamers can be incredibly painful and hard to deal with. Over the years I met many gamers ( male and female ) who’s had more than the usual levels of hassle in an online game. Every day, in every game, on every server,normal and yes, even on the role-play servers ,hundreds of people are threatened, stalked, or otherwise seriously harassed online. It is a horrible, isolating experience, and if you’re the one at the sharp end, it’s very easy to feel helpless, or even feel that it’s somehow your fault. It is so easy to blame yourself, you keep questioning your whole life in game, maybe if you had done things differently, you wouldn’t be in this situation, but let me tell you, it is NOT your fault.

In a free world,  in a place like a fun game, you are allowed to be  as you want to be, you are in charge of your game life, and you should not feel forced to conform to  just follow an other group of players in fear to be isolated ,bullied, or even harassed.  Sadly I know from personal experience this is easy to write and more hard to implement, but  it is still true. If you look around you in your favorite game you will  find someone that  has been isolated, or bullied . I’ve heard  friends say that stories like this make them ashamed to be a gamer. I can’t tell you how much that saddens me because I am proud to be one and I love being a gamer. To me, being a gamer is about creating dreams and stories,  exploration, discovery, teamwork, magic, wonder, and  real friendship and joy. I don’t know who these hateful people are, I don't want to know them really,  but they are not the gamers I know. They are not the men I know. They do not define  us as  gamers  and role players or me.

So  as I did for many years as a Community Manager  for Age Of Conan, I am standing  up against this. Standing  up for the right of ever gamer, male or female, to be as they wish and still feel they are part of  a decent community, for the right of everyone to chose who they play with and how, for the right to some privacy and space every gamer  and role player need to create their own stories , for the right not to be judged  but accepted, whether or not you are directly affected by harassment, whether or not you agree with what the victim in question is saying. There is nothing, and no one that deserves this kind of treatment. Try make yourself heard, and if they do not listen, then be better than them, like I try to do. Hate is not me! Hate is not what I am all about , hate is not welcome in my life.

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Viyole said...

That's why I left lotro, I couldn't defend my poor little Anthemisi :(
Sad story...