Dreaming Of Edoras

Lei in Edoras - New Zealand

As I stood  on top of Edoras and looked on at the plains below many things came  onto me. This is the most  incredible place, if I did not know this was New Zealand, it could easily be a distant planet in a galaxy far far away across the universe.  I journeyed to the remote and beautiful Mt Potts high country station, home of Mt Sunday to see how this peaceful mountain was transformed into Edoras, the capital city of the Rohan people in the Lord of the Rings movies. I took my boots off and crossed two fast-flowing mountain rivers, I  immersed myself  in the natural, unspoilt beauty of the high country's sparkling clear lakes, glistening blue snow-fed rivers and fresh, crisp mountain air. Rohan is forever in my heart.

The meticulously crafted city of Edoras in the Lord of the Rings movies  was real in this  place of dazzling scope and natural beauty,   it made a deep impression on me when I watched the  movie—and it did leave an even deeper mark on those who , like me, experienced it firsthand.

The set for Edoras was located at Mt. Sunday, in the Rangatata Valley on the South Island of New Zealand, and it is about a 30 minute drive to the nearest town. Building started in March 2000 and finished seven months later.

The Rock - Edoras - New Zealand

The main buildings of Edoras were built on a rock sticking out of a valley floor carved by glaciers thousands of years ago. Some mornings here , even in summer there is  ice on the ground and it is freezing cold, but it is  absolutely stunning. The scenery  just breathtaking.

Edoras movie set  - The Lord of The Rings- The Two Towers

Building material for  the construction were  carried  by helicopters  and on horseback.  The wind was the biggest challenge to the work . In this huge valley you can easily  get 120 knot winds whistling down the mountains . This was probably one of the most amazing movie sets ever built.

You feel humble and  unimportant when you are here. I looked around me and I realized I could not see one single thing that reminded me  on  the world as I know it.  And the  incredibly  beautiful silence , broken only by the songs of the winds and the whispering of the rivers, the mountains are talking to you if you  stay still and listen. Oh to have a horse and ride freely  on the plains , this IS Rohan, there is no doubts about that .

And here is to the dream to go back one day, " Where now are the horse and the rider? Where is the horn that was blowing?Where is the helm and the hauberk, and the bright hair flowing? "   

Legolas: Nad no ennas! (Something's out there)
 Aragorn: Man cenich? (What do you see?)

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