Tiny Monday

Feeling Tiny

Ok so want to be a hobbit...right? That's kind of cool because I like small things. You know when you have one of those silly days? When you just feel as tiny as a tiny pea and the only thing you wish for is an endless supply of chocolate? I think I have one of those . So I am not only small because I am a hobbit...I am a tiny small hobbit which means that you will probably find very hard to see me or hear me unless you have a microscope. I wrote about *smallness and tininess* before . Small and Tiny are very beautiful and it does feel reassuring to feel like that. I adore *minis* ...little hands, delicate small feet, little fuss about things, small emotions, enclosed friendships, my world is definitely a mini universe where Tiny Lei lives very much at peace with herself. I know my love for tininess is something that comes directly from Tolkien's hobbit world. The Shire is the first place you are transported to in The Hobbit and in The Lord of the Rings . 

The Shire is peaceful, small and contained and when you are there you really do not care much about the troubles of the Big outside world and you feel very safe. Although I feel very Tiny today, I must be perfectly honest with you and tell you that my actual real size would not allow me to live in a miniature hobbit house, I could however fit in this very cute cottage that came for sale just around the corner. I am going to view it this morning and I am looking forward to that. I will always be attracted to a sweet little house , a place where I can dream, live with only what is truly needed and holds some storybook quality. I love dreaming of a little home , imagining what it would be like to have a cozy nest where the days are long and the nights are sweet with the sound of the silence while reading in a warm, comfortable loft. 

In a world where space is becoming a real issue I shall adopt the *hobbit style* of living and rejoice in the tininess of things around me. I don't need half of the stuff I own at the moment and if I was to get rid of all of it today my current home would double in size. What does a hobbit really need to be happy ? Just a small place to call home sweet home. Bilbo Baggins: No hat, no stick, no pipe, not even a pocket handkerchief. How can one survive ?  Things a respectable Hobbit need to be happy:  A hat, a pipe, the  walking stick , a  pocket handkerchief , some chocolate in case of a *feeling Tiny* day,  a small but homely hobbit home, and a tree to hug on a Monday . 



janitor said...

Wishing for endless supply of chocolate, and peace with yourself, I think Gandalf would see through that one :-)

There were these archaeologists that found a sign in the desert, that said 'I am King so-and-so, and this is my city that will last forever'.
And that was all they found, it was all gone.

A shire is a some-thing, and every some-thing will vanish. The black riders come to the shire, and disturb the illusion of peace, so you will not be left stuck inside a dream.
You may not want the Big World, but you cannot run from Self, that the Big World came out of.

The heaven will pass, and the heaven above that will pass. Because it is a some-thing. It's an illusion.

What you're really looking for is the real Love, the one that lasts forever, that doesn't know 'survive' because it cannot die, not even be hurt.
And that is your real Self. You're looking for You. The illusion is so that you can know your Self, which is No-thing.

When you have an emotion, it's an illusion, so you can observe it.
You observe it by allowing it to be there, witnessing, not identifying with, until it dissolves. Regardless of type of emotion, good or bad. Then you become more You.

Don't react to your emotions, you may feel worthless, selfpity, but it's not your real Self.

Don't let your reactions go past the tip of your nose, as Robert Adams said.

The real You needs nothing, it transcends human peace and happiness, and is just pure love.

I am quite convinced we can be it, we just have to let go.

...I'll be so jealous if you beat me to it Lei. ;-)

Leilani said...

Thank you for that comment it is surely making me think