The 'Tall' Hobbit

There  was a time ( not long ago ) when I was a 'tall' hobbit in a  strange land called Hyboria.  I used to work  for a gaming company called Funcom for a few years during the development of one of their games called Age of Conan, so I did  adventure in that strange and wild world for quite a while . Since then I moved on , went back permanently to Middle-earth and  embraced my true nature as a 'short' hobbit, but many memories remains in an old photo album I still keep. Age Of Conan - Lei's  Memories  Old  dreams and passed adventures , memories to keep while new wonderful ones are created in the Shire.  I used to adore my old job even if it was very stressful at times, made some good friends over the years and  I still remember with fondness some of the beauty of Hyboria.
Amorey in Hyboria

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