Technology And Me

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Oh I love new gadgets and things, I am just like a little child in a candy store when it comes to chose a new computer or a new phone but I often forgot I am just a simple hobbit , therefore with very simple needs when it comes to the latest short I am asking myself, do I really need  to be connected all the time?  Maybe it is just me,  I am not that old you see, but I was still born  in a time ( which was not really that long ago ) when  we really did not have (need?) all this technology, a time when people used to still write real letter  and envelopes, do you remember how a stamp looks like?  A time when  phoning a friend was   something real special . 

Awww the memories of  little me waiting for a boyfriend's call  for a whole afternoon sitting my  my home phone  in fear to miss that call.  Oh well, welcome to the 21st century  hobbit - now we spend our lives on Twitter, Facebook, and Google + , sending and receiving messages  constantly,  making phone calls  as we travel,  sharing and connecting, and yet...even so, sometime I can still feel...lonely, like if I don't belong to this time and this world.  Today finally my phone has been activated and I spent the last few hours trying to connect to my Gmail account and let the phone find out my exact location, without success. Apparently I am not living anywhere on this planet  'No Current Location Found'  , and  my Gmail is simply refusing to be used via the new phone *sigh*.  Indeed  , easy to say 'go and read the instruction manual, Lei '  I would do that if I could,  problem is that the one that came with the phone only tells you how to use the charger....all the other stuff you must guess, and good luck to you.  

Oh yes yes...I will go and  find out about  why I am so technologically challenged on  the internet later, but  I gave up for  now and  seriously considering going back to use my owl Cornelius to send letters written on real paper  to people I know.  Please feel free to laugh at me, I am trying to do that too, though I had a strange week. On a positive note I was given the all-clear  by the doctors after my annual check-up. Breast-cancer runs in my family so I have regular checks  done every year. It does scare me every time, and often I really wish I  could  avoid having to do this,  but then I remember my Nana , my grandmother, and I go.  I went  for my check-up last week and was  recalled  yesterday and I did not know why , was  really scared, and felt dizzy all the way to the clinic, but thankfully it was just a small follow up, to let me know all has come back negative and  that I should go back for an other test in  about a year or so.  Thank you for giving me the fright  of my life, Mr Doctor...see you  not too soon I hope. So here I am,  with  the latest in phone/tablet technology  on my desk unable to determine  exactly where I am  on this planet ,  unable  to  read my mail...good thing I still have  my old  trusted  home phone, feel free to laugh!

 Remove Handset
Wait For Dial Tone
Wait For Party To Answer
Drop In Coin 


Daffney Tentoes said...

That house phone is fabulous. I used to work in a store which sold one just like that. I still want one. :)

Leilani said...

I love my house phone, makes me happy , sometime I drop a coin in just for fun - there must be a few pounds in there now *smiles*