Song for a Winter's Night

My road today

It is snowing! I love winter in the Shire - the landscape is simple and bare and so are the colors, the loneliness but also the magic  of it, the promise that lies beneath the frozen ground covered in snow.  Winter is my private season,  it belongs to me, cold and dark days by a lovely fireplace, hot tea, a muffin or five,  and the stories we  create together letting  the imagination take us  into those dreams we dream. Winter is the time for hobbit comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a loving hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home. Late dawns, early nights and chilled breath make me lazy, but I love winter nonetheless, and one kind hobbit word will warm the heart. Love is alive  beneath winter snow.  Humming a  quiet song,  this is my winter song to you 

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