Paradise Horse

 Riding in Paradise

My horse's feet are as swift as rolling thunder , He carries me away from all my fears
And when the world threatens to fall asunder,  His mane is there to wipe away my tears. 
 (by Bonnie Lewis)
Today I want to spend a few words for my favorite animal, my friend, my real soul, my angel without wings, prince of the wild, loyal and hard working, today it's his turn to take center stage in Middle-earth. The Horse ! Tolkien will honor this superb animal by linking horses to the history and mythology on Middle-earth, he will not only tell us how they came to be but we know that horses descend from NAHAR the Valarian steed of Oromë . All horses will take after him but he will remain the most beautiful of its race with golden hooves and his coat of pure white during the day and silver at night. NAHAR is a legendary horse.

For all the horses in the Lord of the Rings are special and unique. Here we can see once again the attention to details of Tolkien . Even a simple animal has a noble history and through the Ages of the world it will accompany the people of Middle-earth. Each horse and each pony has a name, a story to tell and you will learn to love them. Only a horse but his heart is true and he will carry you the distance and he will keep you in the cold night and he will be loyal and never abandon you in the time of need, for horses are believed to be Angels without wings even in Middle-earth.

But as an old proverb goes ...."Trouble travels on a fast horse!"
The black horses of the Ringwraiths are fearless and fearsome, the horses that were in Mordor were really terrible under the influence of the Dark Lord Sauron . The Orcs would take Horses at night and bring the to Sauron that would use his powers to transform them from their noble form to absolute evil. Such horse was the Mount of Sauron, black and very big he was easily recognizable for his head was a skull and he had flames coming out of his eyes and his nostrils. The horse that played the Mount of Sauron is called Chico and he was part of a group of fantastic horses that were chosen for their special abilities

There were reports of horse cruelty during the filming of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, and The Hobbit movie, yet when I was in New Zealand I  met some of the star-horses and their trainers and  was even lucky enough to ride one of them in a wonderful place called Paradise , near Queenstown. The animals were helped and facilitated during the most difficult and challenging scenes like the river chase of Arwen and Frodo. During filming very few horses did get injured (all minor problems) and three horses died all of natural causes during the making of The Lord of the Rings. As the accusations continued, inspectors were send on set and did find that all animals were cared for and looked after properly.

Tolkien loved horses.One such noble animal that probably saved Tolkien's life on the battlefield during WWI when he got lost behind enemy lines one day and did not realize he was riding towards German trenches and not his own. It was only when he got closer then he realize his mistake, he was spotted and a chase began on horses. The enemy steeds were faster but he managed to get away from them his horse was a hunting mount therefore was able to jump over the trenches while the enemy's horses could jump and were stopped. The story goes that he was so terrified by this experience and that the chase remained with him for many years to come and that was this episode that inspired him to write about the Dark Riders chasing the Hobbits. I ride horses, not often enough sadly but I do sometimes and I absolutely love them. I was born the year of the Horse so I feel a strong connection to them and I do feel very happy if they are close to me.
When  you feel sad saddle up and  let your  horse take you to Paradise

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