Monday to-do-list : hug a tree!


Monday morning and there is no pressure , no stress and no headache. It is strange but it's 'strange good' , I am reaching the 'tree stage' in my life . Trees are not restless. They are rooted deeply in the place where they were born. They are content to live a life-time with the same neighbours. They encounter the seasons without complaint, contracting a little when they need to, expanding and displaying their splendour when the new season comes. By contrast we are often afflicted with longings that trees do not appear to have. Perhaps a tree can provide me with a calming example of acceptance.

The more I accept and appreciate what I have left, the less I will focus on what I have left behind and do not have any more. It is reassuring to know a tree does not move unless the wind is blowing, solid and steady, he stands tall. Most of the very important things in our life, which become the starting points for our destiny, are little things, simple thoughts. I do sound like a hippy...don't I? Sorry about that, it's a personal thing really, trying to find out exactly what I want and what I need to do and, more important of all, where I want to go ( to be honest the answer to the last question is : New Zealand, Ireland, Norway, New Zealand ...again  ) . Life is too short to miss opportunities and  to go through it without hugging a tree.

Keep a green tree in your heart and  a singing love bird will come. 

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