Let it be Friday !

Hobbit Ale
It's 3:20  pm in the afternoon, it's Friday....so you know where your pint of hobbit ale is?  It is also time to make today  an incredibly amazing day.  Oh Friday, I really love you. Something so special  and wonderful about   you.  I survived an other week,  for the next two day is just 'me' and 'us' time .Old games, new games. How often we live in anticipation of some grandness on in nostalgia over good games that we have played in the past. Meanwhile we do miss completely the grandness of the games we are currently playing. We fail to hear the birds singing , we do fail to admire the sunset and let the music in our souls. Look carefully and you will find something beautiful.

Hobbit bed
Halleluiah! Let it be Friday ! Let it be my  bed ! Magic twinkling of fairies dust in the wood grove next to the gentle stream, not too bright and yet not too dim, but just right ....this is my light to you. There is light and there is dark , one cannot live without the other. Light is what dress the dark and make it look wonderful and special. Dark is what cover light in safe slumber . Both are special, both necessary, both unique.  So here you are wonderful Friday, be welcome and remember how much loved and wanted you are.

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janitor said...

With the words of Barry Long, the romantic master - to become innocent you have to have your heart broken.


so there may be tough days ahead, but with them come the chance to have a pure heart.

But still I wish you a good weekend Lei, much love :-)