Inside The Tree

Monday does not feel like Monday today  but I don't really mind. Dreams feel more real in the strange light of  a misty and cold Shire morning.  It is good to be inside and  been good inside is also  good...and not this is not a hobbit riddle.  I like 'inside' ! Inside the cozy and warm hobbit home, inside the pages of a nice book, inside a dream,  inside the hobbit heart. It seems to be in my  nature to be self-critical when it comes to myself for example  ,  appearance, actions, personality  and values, but  I came to realize that  so called 'beauty' is created not only by one feature but many qualities combined in one special person. In an age where we are bombarded with images of perfect faces and perfect bodies , a time where we are constantly told how we should  look  to be 'beautiful'  , here I am sometime, feeling  like Ugly Duckling , hiding away under my tree , and yet although I am very self critical of my physical self I also know I really  would not want to change - I am  Lei, and Lei!  ( to use one of Gandalf more famous quotes )

The beauty 'inside' a hobbit is far more important than the beauty on the outside - the understanding of what is 'inside' often leads to  love. As long as the love is pure and honest it  will feed and strengthen the inside  beauty ultimately making the outer beauty complete and obvious to anyone who bothers to look.  Love is not about a shell,  love is about a true and honest heart. Of course, just like a tree looks more beautiful in Spring when it is covered in blossoms and leaves, it is important to feel and look good on the 'outside' too ,  as long as we remember that is  what is 'inside' that is really important in life. Love, interactions, dreams,  knowledge, experience, taking risks and living  life with no regret, steady and  strong, just like a tree.  It is cold outside, but nice and warm inside. More snow is coming ! My county went back in time for a few days , no cars, no planes, no trains …no noise. Only people walking around in amazement at the incredible spectacle of a 21st century modern country , transformed…just something to remember and to recall many years from now. Today I am also excited at a new task/adventure that fills me with  excitement. This is the time to panic, to be honest…there is work to be done on Lei and fast. Time to take advantage of this potent state of mind and get things done…yesterday .The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot e seen, nor touched...but are felt 'inside' the heart. Monday Tree-Hug!

 Look Inside

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