Dreaming A Story

Stories and dreams. You think you know a story, but you only know a dream at first. To get to the heart of the story, you have to go back to the beginning of the dream. And this is exactly were I go , it does not matter where we are, the Shire, the stars, an  old palace,  or any other magical world, back into the dream we create for ourselves, there we can be free.

Certain places are more special than others to awake dreams and stories. One of my favorite places to visit and I do go there quite regularly, is a very magical and romantic palace and for some strange reason, I do feel very conformable there. The first time I visited, few years ago, I was surprised to discover how familiar I was with the complicate layout, like if I had there before. Just imagine to walk on the same stones as one of the greatest Kings in History, sit on a bench in the gardens where Anne Boleyn sat, waiting for him to get back from a hunt. There is magic here! No doubts Hampton Court Palace walls do retain, even today, the love and the passion of a King that loved life, women and music.

It is very rare when the palace is open to be able to get a picture of this corridor without people in the way. I was very lucky when going back to the cafeteria, I realized the place was empty, so I took the camera out fast and snapped. Just above this corridor, lays the so-called hunted gallery, originally built to link the chapel with the king's state apartments. The hunted gallery is the place where a desperate Queen Katherine Howard is said to have tried to reach her husband and plead her innocence after being adulterous, before being dragged away by the guards. It is said that even today a white-clad woman is , supposed to hunt the gallery. Just off the beautiful Tudor kitchens there is a small dark room that was the office of the kitchen supervisor at the time of Henry the VIII.

 I was walking by and I noticed this man at the desk writing and lost in his thoughts. I went back several times to see if I could see him again in or around the kitchens, but he was no where to be seen. There was great activity in the kitchens, as a meal was prepared for the King and his court. Feeding the court did resembled a major military operation in Tudor times. It was catering on a vast scale, for everyone that lodged at court was entitled to three cooked meals each day. In a single week they would easily go through 6 oxen, 8 calves, 40 sheep, 12 pigs, 130 capons, 7 swans, 20 storks, etc etc etc. Not surprisingly, it cost the equivalent of £6 million a year to feed the whole of King's Henry VIII court.

Stories are dreams and dreams are stories to be lived. I will soon return to the enchanted palace but for now other worlds will do, my heart and my mind are far far away now....across the stars. There is something about dreaming about this silence and a gap that has been left. I know it will not be long, I know the silence will be replaced with joy and elation yet, here I am today, looking outside my window ...dreaming a story and writing a dream

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