A Hobbit's Life

 The Shire - June 2012

Moving slowly and gently smoke rings in the evening sky. Down the valley the lazy river whispering sounds and in the sky lazy white clouds are moving at a lazy pace . Let's face it , as a hobbit I am bound to get lazy every now and then . I had a very long day yesterday , actually and here I am trying to find a very poor excuse to justify the fact I have been procrastinating some art work I am supposed to have handed in...3 days ago  , but  sometime my inner-hobbit just gets hold . I will get some work done today ( she says with an unconvincing voice ) it must be  done. Hobbits do enjoy the good (lazy)  life, and I just love to be a hobbit, but sometime we must go out and get some work done in the fields if we want to put some lovely food on the table, and days at work can make us tired and stressed, but I think it is always important to remember what is really important to us in the Shire.  To spend an evening sitting by the fire ,after a large meal, drinking ale, smoking a pipe and telling jokes or old tales and singing songs.  Strange  and queer things happening this week too, was planning to get myself a brand new smart phone and ended up buying a washing machine  that was delivered and not is not working *sigh* call me lucky. I know I need to get my priorities right but I rather talk to a friend on the phone that  battle with the dirty laundry.Once more went through some of my photos from New Zealand and came to realize I am really looking forward  to go back one day even though I am already dreading the 24+ hours flight, oh but it is so worth it.

Samwise did drop by yesterday  afternoon for a little chat, which was nice of him considering it's the time of the year when the gardens require his full attention. We shared a cup of tea and a cake over some discussions about a possible future adventure. Must say he is not keen about start traveling again and made that very clear to me while munching his 3th slice of cake, which is understandable after his  last visit to Mt. Doom with Mister Frodo, but we shall see how this work out....

...my dear friends whatever happen I hope this will be a hobbit journey to remember!


B-Byte said...

If you want help concerning smartphone (choice etc) Let me know if you want. I'm glad to assist you. *hugs*

Leilani said...

*hugs* Aye Aye please , that would be nice , thank you